Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

no, this is a different one. I recommend installing the Anaconda python distribution. It already contains pip, pathlib and many of the required scientific and analytic modules.


This one as well, 2.7

How to test the certain module is installed?

yes, if you installed this one, pathlib and all other packages should be included. We discussed this point here: Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

Sometimes, if you type ‘python’ in your shell, another instance (e.g. installed with different software) of python is called instead of the Anaconda one.
Make sure Anaconda python is in the list of your PATH variable (move it at the top at best).
Alternatively, you call python with the full path to anaconda python.exe to go sure its libraries are used.

I’m not quite sure, if I understand this point would you please to simplify this for me?

Had you checked that you have also pip installed?

I removed the python and installed anacoda

if you type “python” in your shell, the first python.exe found on your system is called. If this is the one of Anaconda, everything is fine. However, if this is the one included in QGIS or other software which also have their own python installation, you do start python as well, but it will be a different version with different pre-installed libraries, for example without pathlib.

If I understood correctly, he is working with the Anaconda distribution now.

Still check if pip is installed

this is the result when I write python in my shell

and this when I write pip install pathlib


the pip command must be called outside python

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yes, but after you type python, your shell expects python syntax (indicated by the >>> at the beginning of the line)
This command must be executed outside python (re-open the shell or leave the python mode with Ctrl+Z)
Your shell now expects windows syntax (indicated by one single > at the beginning of the line)

I re installed python 2.7 it seams it is better, but this is the shell of it

and clr + z = exit

Also, I still didn’t get your answer, How to be sure that the certain modules is installed?

I followed the instructions in the snaps2stamps , so how to get the benefits of using python to implement many steps in one?

open the windows command shell (don’t start python) and type
pip list
to get a list of all installed packages.

outside python.

sorry I did by mistake the last one, I know this one, but we are still in our python issue,

that leads us back to here :slight_smile:

the full path to your python installation and the scripts folder (pip.exe should be located there).
Otherwise your shell cannot find the command.

What I tried to say is, the pip.exe, doesn’t exist within script folder, I was thinking you got my point.