Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

@ABraun, the solution is quite simple. Try to run mt_prep_gamma inside your “export” folder, like this:
mt_prep_gamma 20150806 /data2/…/Export_to_stamps/ 0.4 2 2 50 200

mt_prep_gamma [your master] [full path to your working directory] [Amplitude disp.] [Number of patches in range] [Number of patches in azimuth] [overlapping pixels between patches in range] [overlapping pixels between patches in azimuth]

It worked for me, at least I didn’t get the error message concerning opening the pscands.1.ij file.
Unfortunately, I now got the same issue as @katherine before, namely that the pscands.1.ij file is empty…


you are right, thanks for clarification. It works for me now, too.
At least the error about opening pscands.1.ij is gone. But I can’t tell if the output makes sense, yet.

After SNAP export to STAMP, STAMP protsessing are possible Windows matlab?

you first need to run mt_prep_gamma (beginning in chapter )

Please see also here:

The rest can be done in matlab.


I agree with you but some of us aren’t used to the matlab syntax. It is then hard to search for errrors and debug the scripts.

Hello everyone
I meet a problem when i run snap v5.03. To 22 SLC about sentinel-1A,i apply orbit files 、 split and back-geocoding, but when debursting, it processes only about 20% with 27 hours. My computer is 16RAM, I7CORES… I want to know whether you meet the problem . how can it process fast ? tell me , i will appreciate you.

Hi, Light,
I separated the set of images into two stacks with the same master , processed them separately and combined the results after export to StaMPS.

hi, katherine, thank you, but i don’t know the StaMPS well. Can you tell me the details how to combine the results after export to StaMPS? Whether can i separate images into more stacks with same master?

Hi Light,
I combined the results of processing of two stacks before launching StaMPS after the SNAP’s procedure "StaMPS export’. I have explained my processing chain in the post How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5 .
Good luck,

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Thank you very much, katherine


Dear @ABraun
The link to the tutorial of Dr Mahdi Motagh seems to be broken, It will be so nice of you if you could please send me a copy of this tutorial Email waqas782[at]

Many thanks

Dear all,

I have an error i can not run ps_plot, i have finished step stamps(5,5) and i run it in the INSAR_masterdate folder but it doesn’t work, any help please?

_Error: File: /usr/local/StaMPS_v3.3b1/matlab/parseplotprm.m Line: 98
A BREAK may only be used within a FOR or WHILE loop, and then only within the same file as its corresponding FOR or WHILE statement.
Error in ps_plot (line 128)
parseplotprm % check if ‘ts’, ‘a_m’, ‘a_l’, ‘a_p’, ‘ifg i^th’, 'ext PATH ’ is specified

Can you please upload the tutorial of ps processing by Dr. Mahdi Motagh, if you still have a copy

As these materials are not my personal property I would preferably refrain from doing so, sorry.

Hi waqas782
If you get a copy about “SAR-EDU_stamps_Motagh.pdf”, please send me one Email
Thank you!

I have done the steps from 1 to 5 and And I changed it parameters :


But I still have the same error i can not run ps_plot(‘w’)

_rror: File: /usr/local/StaMPSv3.3b1/matlab/parseplotprm.m Line: 98
A BREAK may only be used within a FOR or WHILE loop, and then only within the same file as its corresponding FOR or WHILE statement.
Error in ps_plot (line 128) parseplotprm % ch_eck if ‘ts’, ‘a_m’, ‘a_l’, ‘a_p’, ‘ifg i^th’, 'ext PATH ’ is specified

Please help me to deal with this problem. Thank you very very much!

Hi radewane,
I got the same problem. open the script (in this case parseplotprm, I suppose) in matlab and go to line 98, as the error message says. there you should see the word “break”. delete it ,save and run it again. should work



Hi Dear Cecilia

Thank you very very much, Yes it works

All the best


I work on S1A IW and i followed the instructions from 1 to 4.
In fact, i have dowloaded 13 SLC images from sentinel 1 of the same area.
Then i split them individually TOPS split
Then i apply orbit file to the batch ( 1 to 13)
then i make a stack by back geocoding
then i try to choose master image by (Master can be chosen by Radar-Interferometric-Insar Stack Overview.) and it doesn’t work ???
so i skipt this step and deburst the stack and i get this message

So i try to apply interferogram formation but i got this message

Please help me
i 'll wait for your help

Hello soukanamez,
I think you have to choose master with Stack ovewiew before making the stack with Backgeocoding.