Workflow for forest change detection

I am trying to imply a workflow on Sentinel-1 data for change detection (regarding changes in land use mostly) in an area with dense vegetation. I followed this tutorial but I am not sure it is the right one, maybe it refers to land displacements. Can anyone suggest me in which direction I should search?


I think the interferometry tutorial is not quite the right one. Maybe you have a look at the functionalities of the Mask Manager in here: Time-series analysis with Sentinel-1

Also this one is interesting:

Depends a bit on what kind of change detection you want to apply - there are pre-classification methods where you directly compare the changes in backscatter, such as the ones above, and there are post-classification change detection methods, where you first classify landcover in two (or more images) and then compare the classified results.

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thank you for your reply!I prefer pre-classification methods , I 'll chech your suggestions!

a tutorial on landcover classification is currently being prepared. But these two might also be helpful in terms of methods:

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The tutorial on landcover classification was finally released: Landcover classification with Sentinel-1 GRD

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