Working with EnMAP data in SNAP

Finally, data from the hyperspectral EnMAP mission is accessible to the public.

I am aware that the EnMAP Box is the destined tool to analyze data, but the user manual also lists SNAP as one tool to work with the data.

I downloaded a Level-2A product but wasn’t able to correctly load it into SNAP, especially not with the wavelengths attached to the bands.

Has anyone already managed to load EnMAP data into SNAP?

A dedicated EnMAP reader is in the work.
Unfortunately, the released data is different from the earlier provided test data.
The test data worked already quite fine, but there are now issues with the public data.
So, it will need some more work and testing.
I guess in December a first version of a reader can be released.

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Thank you for the clarification, this is great to hear. I wasn’t sure if they simply mentioned SNAP in the manual because it is open remote sensing software of if there is already an ongoing exchange about its integration.