Working with S1A_1W_SLC__1SDV

Hi every one… recently I downloded 2 frames of sentinel 1 with format of
S1A_1W_SLC__1SDV; of course I wanted to work with format of S1A_1W_SLC__1SSD… but I noticed after middle of 2017 there isnot any image with format of S1A_1W_SLC__1SSD and I think the main difference between them is that the image with format S1A_1W_SLC__1SDV has polarizations of VV and VH but S1A_1W_SLC__1SSD has just polarization of VV… so I worked with 2 images of S1A_1W_SLC__1SDV and coregistered them but when I want display their bands like intensity unfourtenetly there is no any thing for showing… Can you help me about this issue?..

I am having similar issues when coregistering SLCs with dual VV+VH polarisation, for both S1A and S1B.

I don’t get any error messages, but I can only view the i, q, and intensity bands of the master, not the slave, after coregistration.

Could you try to work with single polarisation (selecting it using TOPSAR-Split) before trying to go for the coregistration?

I hope this helps

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Thank you for the suggestion. I tried that, but still had the same issue.

Could you share the image names so we can give a try?

Sure- I’m testing with S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20181121T134358_20181121T134426_024687_02B6CB_1258 and S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20181203T134358_20181203T134426_024862_02BCE2_DB66

Thak you I twill try your suggestion; but when I coregister images I select one polarization for example for both of images VV. Do you mean I must use TOPSAR split for selecting one polarization?

I used TOPSAR split before coregistering for selecting single polarization of VV but then I can not use TOPS coregistration because of error that says: Source product should be multi sub-swath SLC burst product!.. Did I act from a true path?

please share with us the steps you are following…
You can for example use some of the predefined graphs…
Check whether the TOPS Coregistration operator does the splitting, because if it does, the input product for that operator should be the original SLC

I opened two images in Snap then I used TOPSar coregisteration and appearently it worked but when I want to display bands of slave or master images that were coregistered, any thing can’t be shoewd although the coregistered outputs have normal sizes! Even I tried with 1 and 2 bursts in two images but the results were the same as before!!..

the coregistration is finished in any case but if the result is empty it failed, often because the images don’t have enough features to recognize by the coregsistration.

Are both image of the same pass and track?

Yes I checked the pass and track of images and the result coregistered image have the normal size. I tried with the selected bursts for coregistering but the result are as the same before!!

please share the names of both S1 images.

S1A_IW_SLC__1SDV_20180502T142643_20180502T142710_021727_0257C5_897D.SAFE and

I cannot reproduce this error. I downloaded your files and applied the TOPS coregistration for IW1 VV burst 1-3

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Thank you indeed
Then do you mean the images are correct!?.. but why for me the results aren’t as yours?!?

Can you please tell me your steps exactly?

I just applied “TOPS coregistration” with standard settings.

You define image 1 and image 2 and select a polarization (only VV) and a swath (IW1) and burst (1-3 in my case) under “Split”

Under Digital Elevation Model you can select SRTM 1Sec AutoDownload

Thanks a lot
I done like that except instead 1 second STRM selected 3 seconds… I again will act exactly like you… and will tell the results…

Thanks Dr. ABraun I tried another data set and used 1 sec STRM and fortunately this time it worked well… thanks alot

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