Working with Sen2cor and sentinel 2 imagery

Hello, guys am trying to process sentinel 2 data and am trying to install sent2cor using SNAP tutorial but I cant. Does anyone help?

please describe at more detail where exactly you struggle.

okay, am downloading Sentinel 2 from USGS earth explorer and I want to convert the data to reflectance using sen2cor. then when trying to install the software using SNAP tutorial which require Anaconda in order to install the plugin. then after installing anaconda, using the following cmd am trying to install but not working.

(base) C:\Users\MinteGIS>cd C:\Users\MinteGIS\Downloads\Compressed\Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64
(base) C:\Users\MinteGIS\Downloads\Compressed\Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64>python install

but is not working

You no longer need Anaconda since sen2cor 2.4 (and later) is standalone. No installation is required and L2A_process can be directly called.
Please go through these guided steps: Sen2cor 2.4.0 on SNAP 6.0

Dear User,

Since version Sen2Cor 2.4 you do not need anymore to install the software because it works as stand alone.
How to run the Sen2Cor 2.5.5 is described in Section 4 of the Sen2Cor Software Release Note available at

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification.

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