Would you mind explaining how the row and column number affect the unwrapping process?

I have set the number of rows and columns overlap once to 200 and another time to 50 then performed phase unwrapping the imported each and no difference in the product unwrapped phase images whatsoever. If I may be wrong, please correct me, there might be some statistical changes.

is it really necessary to create a new topic on this?

Please have a look at this demonstration: SNAPHU Unwrapping
and here about the impact of overlap: Deburst issue for TOPS Interferometry

Changes of the overlap (especially 50 vs. 200) do not necessarily bring different results. It always depends on the overall dimensions of the raster, the number of tiles and the amount of noise within the fringe patterns.

Pardon me I couldn’t find a relevant topic in the forum myself. perhaps there is an advanced search method so that I won’t initiate a repetitive thread again.

Nonetheless, I appreciate this