Writing Sentinel-3 Products


I’m taking a ROI of S3-OLCI Product in the following way:

p = ProductIO.readProduct( '.../xfdumanifest.xml')
op = SubsetOp()
op.setGeoRegion("Some WKT")
sp = op.getTargetProduct()

I’d like to write this to file in the same format at the OLCI product, but when I try ProductIO.writeProduct() I can only seem to write as:

ProductIO.writeProduct(sp, “…/output.dim”, “BEAM-DIMAP”)

Which isn’t quite the “native” OLCI setup. Is there anyway to do this in the native S3-OLCI way with a manifest and separate radiance files etc.



Hi Sam,

there is no way to store a product into the SAFE format of OLCI. We have it as a Requirement but is does not have a high priority.

Okay Marco, thanks for letting me know