Wrong (2222 instead of 2022) date for orbits file


I’m giving my first steps with SNAP and trying to do an interferogram … but didn’t go much far. When trying to apply the Orbit File I get an error saying the orbits are not available and that’s no wonder because it’s searching for orbits two centuries from now.

27-MAR-2222 when the product date is 27-MAR-2022. This smells like a bug in SNAP (version 8.0.9) but since I’m just starting with it I felt that better ask first.


java.io.IOException: No valid orbit file found for 27-MAR-2222 07:56:40.191419
Orbit files may be downloaded from https://scihub.copernicus.eu/gnss/odata/v1/
and placed in C:\Users\joaqu\.snap\auxdata\Orbits\Sentinel-1\POEORB\S1A\2222\03

OK, restarted from scratch, repeated same steps and now the date error does not show up. But on the other hand I have4 a new one in the Back Geocoding step. Whatever is the scene that I choose to be the slave, it gets zero contents. That is, in

the q_IW2_VV_slv1_27Mar2022.img and i_IW2_VV_slv1_27Mar2022.img have only zeros but if I change the order of files in Back Geocoding window, then are the q_IW2_VV_slv1_15Mar2022.img and i_IW2_VV_slv1_15Mar2022.img that become zeroed.
Ofc, can’t proceed anymore from here.