X y width heigh burned area


please work with SNAP TOOLBox
I downloaded images from northern Morocco sentinel 2
I want to delineate the burned areas in the forest
but I have a problem
how to extract information specific to my image
widith and height
to do Capture the treatment
thank you

Do you also have a question?
Because you explain what needs to be done.

the same questions was asked by here: Export values from Sentinel 2 and here: Burned Area, but none of my suggestions were accepted.

@mohsine1818 Please don’t just repeat the question - tell us exactly what you need.

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Hello dear friends
it seems that I express myself badly
or I did not ask the question
good I will try one last time to clearly summarize my question
I am doing a study about the region of Morocco
to determine the burned area
I used two sentinel image 2
before fires and after forest fires
I also use SNAP toolbox
I know the methodology exactly what to do and how
but when i go to butch in the subs
I do not know how to extract the good value of my image
I’m talking about X Y Widith and height
to fill in the fields properly and have the right result
I hope to be clear
thank you for all

Thank you for the explanation.
The module you show in your screenshot does not change the values of your pixels and it is not a necessary part of the burned area analysis at all. It simply makes a spatial subset from your product to have a smaller extent. I

So we cannot tell you which numbers to enter in there because we don’t know where your study area is located within your image.

When you move your mouse over the image, you see the x and y coordinates of the cursor position. This helps you to estimate the area you need for your subset (if a subset is needed at all).
I hope it has become more clear now. Don’t just follow the RUS tutorial without understanding of the purpose of the single steps. But we try to help as we can.

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thank you so match

Instead of using x, y, wdith and height you can also specify the geo-location. Then the exact pixel location is not important.

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thanks you verry mutch