-Xmx ignored by GPT?


I am trying to deal with an S2 Idepix processing graph that attempts to use too much memory when processing a larger area (still a subset of the overall tile) and is killed.

My understanding is that I should set the maximum memory using -Xmx in the gpt.vmoptions. When I set -Xmx to 12G on my 32G linux machine the GPT graph uses up all the available memory (not just 12G) up to 32G and is then killed.

I can remedy the issue by using a machine with more RAM but I am confused about why the -Xmx parameter is not limiting the memory usage and in general seems to have little effect?

Does anyone have any ideas? Am I using the gpt.vmoptions incorrectly?



Iā€™d suggest to split your processing into smaller chunks. It can be more time-consuming but might help to stay within your memory limits.

Do you use NetCDF format in your processing.
SNAP uses the native NetCDF library, and this uses additional memory outside of the Java VM. Not controllable by the Xmx option.

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