a small bug in PolSARpro_v6.0.2_Biomass_Edition.tcl file

After I install PolSARPro 6.0 and tried to launch up sentinel 1 A/B mission, I got some error about "widget(PSPEDUC1) missing “ or alike warnings and failed start up this module.

It took me some time to figure out this is due to a misspelling in the main TCL file “PolSARpro_v6.0.2_Biomass_Edition.tcl” .

at line 48859, "$widget(PSPEDUC1) configure -state disable "
and line 48931 "$widget(PSPEDUC1) configure -state normal ",
“PSPEDUC1” in the brackets has to be changed to “PSPEDUC”, then it will work.

this message is for those who may encounter the same problem.

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thank you for sharing. So you mean that the 1 has to be removed from these lines of code?

I am not really sure if it should be removed or not(I do not know Tcl/Tk), but the sentinel 1 part won’t work and raise error messages with this 1.