About C2RCC Processor

I want to use C2RCC Processor in SNAP, but it is not displayed.

I think it is in Optical / Thematic Water Processing.

Is it somewhere else.

Or do I need to install it?

Do you have the Sentinel-3 Toolbox installed?
If not you should do this. Go to Tools / Plugins in the menu and select the ‘Available’ tab in the upcoming dialog. There you can select the ‘Sentinel-3 Toolbox Kit Module’.
Afterwards, the processor should be shown in the menu.

Thanks for the reply marpet.

Can the tool process sentinel-2 images?

Specifically, I would like to obtain the turbidity and chlorophyll concentration and make a map.

Yes, Sentinel-2 images are supported, besides several other sensors, like Landsat and MODIS.

Thank you for your reply.

After resampling the sentinel-2 image, I ran CR2CC-S2-MSI, but I got the following error.

error massage:
Source must be a resampled S2 MSI L1C product

How should we deal with it?

By the way, the MCI processor can run.

Did you use the Sentinel-2 Resampling operator? It is slightly different from the normal one.

Could it be that you have provided the not-resampled product by accident?

Thanks for the reply, Braun.

Raster-Geometic Operations-Resampling

I did it as above.

The resampled one was used.

But it is written as L2A.

C2RCC needs the L1B products as an input. You can download them from the same date, it is just a different processing level.
Furthermore, it is advisable to use the Sentinel-2 Resampling operator on S2 products (menu > optical > geometric)

Which can be done with [S2 Resampling Processer] or [SLSTR L2B Stitching] ?

S2 Resampling is dedicated to MSI sensor. SLSRT is another sensor on Sentinel 3. What do you want to know exactly? Have you checked the SNAP help pages?

The following errors occur during resampling.

message:Cannot construct DateBuffer

Is there no choice but to add more memory?

What should I do?

I did that, but I get the same error.

The error on data buffer is related to memory capacities. Do you have the chance to work on a better computer for this task?

The way of reporting was bad.

I’m sorry.

I resampled the following method with another device, but could not execute CR2CC.
(menu > optical > geometric)

why not? What is the error message you get? Please don’t let us guess so much - we need information to be able to help you :slight_smile:

What Product ID is the L1C product you tried?

The error message is as follows.
error massage:
Source must be a resampled S2 MSI L1C product

In an earlier question, you told me how to resample this error.

That is the following method.
(menu > optical > geometric)

But I still got the above error statement.

Data acquisition was performed at the following site.
File name: S2B_MSIL2A_20191225T015059_N0213_R017_T53SLV_20191225T040717.zip

The file you use is Level 2A

but you need Level 1C

I downloaded the L1C data and it works fine

You can resample to 60 meters, the spatial resolution does not matter too much at this scale.

Thank you, it was displayed successfully.

I heard that you can create a map by obtaining chlorophyll concentration and turbidity from here.

How can I do that?

I am worried that I can only create such RGB images.