Accessing SYN tiepoints

Is it possible to access tiepoints of SY_2_SYN product? In old screenshots in the forum (e.g. here) I can see that this used to be possible but with SNAP 9 I cannot find them neither in the Product Explorer panel or in the list of bands in the tools (e.g. subset or band math). I am mainly interested in sun and view angles.

Hi Radoslaw,

Indeed, we had to remove the tie-points from the product.
There is an issue with the tie-point data. We can’t handle them properly in SNAP.
[SIIITBX-307] Tie-points of Sentinel-3 L2 SYN products can’t be handled - JIRA (
We reported it to the MPC. It has been confirmed that there is an issue, and the ticket is in progress.

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