Aerosol Optical Thickness tie points in SYN product


I am trying to understand the tie points that are being used by Synergy AOT (T550) data? As per my understanding the SYN products come with, and as tie points. But which one of these is the AOT (SYN_AOT550) using?

Any help will be appreciated.


I’m not sure if the following answers your question.

The tie-points are not used to define the geolocation of the product.
Instead the the data (lat/lon) from is used.

The tie-points and the geolocation are actually not related to the AOT data.
If you want to know more about how the AOT is computed you can have a look at the ATBD.

Hi Marco,

Thank you for the prompt reply.

I was actually trying to understand the location aspect of the AOT data. The AOT data must be over some location/region, right? If so, how is the location of the data determined? I guess this is where comes in.

Also, how do I export any data from s3tbx as georeferenced data? From what I understand, right-click on an image and Export View as Image in GeoTIFF format should export the data as georeferenced tiff. Or am I mistaken?

Thank you once again for the response.


From what you are saying I think that you are opening NetCDF files individually, right?
Better open the xfdumanifest.xml file n SNAP or drag the SAFE folder on the Product Explorer.
Then you can work with the whole data in SNAP and it is geo-located.
Then the export should work, too.

Hi Marco

I am actually opening the xfdumanifest.xml file (the product). I want to export LST Level 2 product as a georeferenced GeoTIFF.
So I double-click on LST band to create an image view, and then do a ‘Export View as Image’ with Full Resolution and Full Scene options.

Doesnt seem to be working in my version of snap (7.0).


Try to export image as GeoTiff: File/Export/GeoTIFF. If you only want to export a few band, use the subset option first.

Hi abruescas,

Still didnt work…

Thanks for the response though.