Aerosol parameter: Definition of Maritime and Rural

Hello everyone,
we have a project in Barishal (coastal area) of Bangladesh. Our monsoon during summer (April to September) comes from south (Ocean, Bay of Bengal) and in winter (October to march) from north (Himalaya region). From my understanding the aerosols are different if they come from the land- or the seaside. Our image is from the month of March.

The sen2cor manual proposes to use always rural. But as our area is in the coastal region, could it make sense to set it to maritime? How are these parameters defined so that we can find out when to use which parameter?

Thank you very much


I don’t think that sen2cor is proposing to always use rural. or can you tell where this is suggested?
The default is rural, if nothing else is specified, but if you know when you have maritime or rural aerosols you should specify this.

The recommended baseline processing is the rural/continental aerosol type, but it can also be specified according to geography and climatology.
(Level 2A Products Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document, p. 23)

You are right, it is not a proposal to always use it. But in my opinion it strongly suggests to use it as a default if there are no other information available.
The question is rather how do I know if I have maritime or rural aerosols. It makes sense to have maritime ones during the summer season, but that is no proof. Is there an easy way to find out for a scene or place?