ALOS/PALSAR-2 Level 1.5 geometric correction

I’m trying to export a PALSAR-2 scene. In the Navigation panel, I see that the image is correctly geolocated; and the metadata say that scenes are geocoded. But the exported GeoTiff has no coordinates.
I tried to apply a geometric correction (Radar > Geometric) and they don’t work (e.g., when trying an Ellipsoid Correction I get this error: “Source product should not be map projected”).
How can I solve this?
May I apply the latitude-longitude tie-point grids?

thanks in advance

Is the Level-1.5 product in CEOS or GeoTIFF format?

It’s in CEOS format.
I’m using SNAP 8.0 in Linux

I also noticed that the scene is correctly located and rotated in the navigation panel, but it’s not rotated in the SNAP view. I attach screenshots.
If I export a Geotiff (instead of Geotiff/Bigtiff), the scene is exported with coordinates but it’s not well geocoded, maybe because it’s not correctly rotated.


yes, that’s because your Level-1.5 data contins geocoding, but it is not georeferenced (see here, Table 2-1)

Currently, the only work around for L-1.5 data is do apply the SAR mosaic operator to the data which rotates the raster northwards ALOS-1 L1.5 Terrain Correction

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thanks! this solves the problem