Alospalsar coherency matrix

I am trying to create covariance/ coherency matrix (T3) for my calibrated ALOSPALSAR image. Error shows that its not a polarimetric product. Please Help.
Note: Image is downloaded from ASF and 1.1 Complex image and is calibrated.
Azmery Iqbal

Why not continue in your topic here? Calibration of AlosPalsar

Have you checked “complex output” in the calibration step?
Did you select BEAM DIMAP as output format? Other formats cannot handle all metadata correctly.

oh okay then I will continue my topic from here.
Yes I did check save as complex output and now I even performed multilooking yet it asks for single look complex data. Please help

I have a doubt.
Is it true that Pauli decomposition variables and T11, T22 and T33 (diagonal elements of the coherency matrix), are the same by definition.

Also, what about the elements of the diagonal of the covariance matrix (C11, C22 and C33)? Are they too by definition same as the backscattering coefficients of HH, HV and VV channels?

Can they be treated independently as different observables in a regression model?