Apply orbit file error - Invalid certificate ?

Dear all,

I’m currently using SNAP 7.0 with Windows 7.
Using graph builder, the “Apply-Orbit-File” operation does not seem to work at all, as I get a “PKIX path building failed […] unable to find valid certification path to requested target” error. Longer version is visible in the following picture:

I am using Sentinel data, and Sentinel Precise orbits. I also have reproduced the error doing a fresh snap install on Ubuntu 16.04.
It appears that a valid certificate is missing for server from which the orbits are downloaded.
I wanted to try to add manually a certificate in my java configuration, but I don’t have the precise adress from which the server is trying to download the orbit files.

Do anyone know if this problem is fixable?
Or is it possible to get the precise server adress from which orbits are downloaded in order to try a manual fix?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Nicolas, did you find any solutions to this issue? I have the same problem but not in all cases, with some images works, I don’t understand what happen.

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