AREA_OR_POINT in Sentinel-2 JP2 Files

Dear all,

I am currently wondering how the raster data model of the OpenJPEG2000 files in which the Sentinel-2 data (L1C + L2A) is stored treats the ‘AREA_OR_POINT’ issue. My suspicion is that the ‘AREA_OR_POINT’ metadata is ‘POINT’, i.e., the pixel coordinates relate to the pixel’s center and not to its upper left corner (Area). However, apart from this discussion here (amazon web services - Does the origin of Sentinel-2 L1C images on AWS represent a point at the center of the pixel or a point at the upper left corner? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange) I was not able to find an official proof for that - also not in the Sentinel-2 Products Specification Document.

Maybe this question has already been asked before and answered. I also haven’t checked the gml in the JPEG2000 header so far because I was hoping there must be an easier way (documentation) to get an answer to my question.

Thanks for your help!
Cheers, Lukas

Hi all again, is there really NO answer to this question? I mean it’s actually a very relevant point - so I am actually a bit puzzled about the silence (I hope it’s not a bad sign)

Hello @lukasValentin

The Upper Left of the Tile is the anchor point. Section 4.9.2 of the [PSD] refers. I would also note that this question should not be asked here; it’s more a question that should be raised to



Jan Jackson

OPT-MPC S2 Technical Manager

Hi @Jan, thanks for the clarification.

Just as a side note: From my point of view such questions - which might also be relevant to other users although being very technical - should be asked in a way also others can benefit from the answer(s); I don’t really see how this should work out when writing an e-mail with only me and someone from ESA involved. Just as a suggestion for future improvements of information dissemination…