Atmospheric correction for Sentinel-3 in SNAP

Bonjour, j’ai besoin d’aide je voudrais faire le traitement des données sentinel 3 OLCI à l’aide du logiciel snap comment faire ?

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Hello, I need help I would like to process sentinel 3 OLCI data using the snap software how to do it ?

That’s a very generic question.
You can invoke the different operators in the GUI as single operations, you can build graphs of operations with the graph builder. Those graphs can be executed in the GUI too.
You can also run operators and graphs from the command line.
I would suggest that you have a look at the tutorial section first. There you will find information to get you started.

Thank you sir

Hello sir, I followed your advice by viewing the tutorials on snap. My concern is: how to do the atmospheric correction via snap for sentinel 3 OLCI L1 (EFR) data, I tried and failed. While waiting for a favorable response.


Hello I work on a theme that requires the atmospheric correction of Sentinel 3 OLCI data for the purpose of extracting the TSM, the CHL and the CDOM of marine waters. I really need help considering the time that is allotted. Waiting for a favorable reply.


There are two available options in SNAP to obtain atmospheric corrected data:

  1. Download L2 data from EUMETSAT (CODA, you will have to register firstt):
    OL_2_WFR* includes full resolution water and atmosphere geophysical parameters.
    OL_2_WRR* includes the same parameters but are computed at reduced resolution.
  2. Run the C2RCC processor in SNAP: Optical/Thematic Water Processing/C2RCC Processor/OLCI
    There is a third option, which is using l2gen on Seadas (

Thank you very much for these explanations, I’ll get to it right away.

Hello,I am a senior student.I need helo I would like to use baseline AC to deal the sentinel 3 OLCI ,but I dont know how to do it in the snap

If you need to work with already AC corrected data, you can find the L2 products in ESA/EUMETSAT and download them directly. It is not clear to me if you are working on land or ocean and what is your purpose,