Automatic Pin Creation?

Is there a way to automatically create Pins? I can’t find any existing tools, so perhaps this is just a Good Idea (or maybe not so good, and just an Idea :unamused:). Such a tool would take an input product and put Pins on all pixels that met certain criteria. Yes, the potential for things going wrong is great, but perhaps one could build in a Maximum Number of Pins Allowed, or warn the user that they’re about to fill up their plot with Pins.

As a workaround, it’s easy to see the format for exported Pin files, but I don’t see a way for SNAP to write such files for import later. Correct?

In BEAM we had the scripting console and we had some example scripts. One of them did exactly this.
We removed the scripting console because we felt it wasn’t used a lot and also it wasn’t really a mature tool.

Today you can easily use python to do such thing.
Here is some documentation about it.
You can find example code here and here.

Thanks so much, marpet!