Band Math Problem

I have two bands which complement each other. An area that has 0 value in first band has values more than 0 in second band and vice versa. So i have tried to unite these 2 bands using band math. I set this expression, “band 1 + band 2”. But, if i delete band 1 and band 2 (so i only have 1 band left) and then export it to tiff, there are some nan values. These nan values form horizontal straight lines. How can i solve this problems?. Thank you

Using pixel and line values for a few of the points with NaN values in the band “3” lines, you can check the values in bands 1&2. You should include the information mentioned in the FAQ (OS, SNAP Version, and data set) so others can reproduce the problem. If you do find the reason, please let us know, as it may be helpful for others with similar problems.

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