BandSelect: Band Name Pattern

For automated graph generation, I need to use a Band Name Pattern (rather than the band names, which I don´t know upfront at time of generating the graph)
So my question: what is the syntax for Band Name Pattern regular expressions
e.g. to select the Phase_ifg* band ?
Thank you.

This field parses a regular expression such as must contain Phase “^.Phase.$”

Hi Luis,
I tried, but still no luck. What am I doing wrong ?

You need to adjust the non-working regular expression (NWRE) example to match the list of source bands. Regular expressions are powerful and extremely useful to know, so in the spirit of “teach a person to fish …”, we have found a teaching opportunity. Iveci’s answer included a link to a page that gives some basics of regular expressions. If you look on that page, you will see that the “^” metacharacter marks the start of a line, the “.” marks any single character, “Phase” matches itself, and “$” is the end of the line, so you have searched for a line like “XPhaseY”, where X and Y can be any character.

Now you have a small “exercise left to the reader”. Hunt for the metacharacter that “Matches the preceding element zero or more times” and use it to modify the NWRE so it matches the line starting with “Phase”. You can do this with one “zero or more times” metacharacter and deleting something from the NWRE, or by using a couple “zero or more times” metacharacters.