Batch process S2 images to generate time series

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I am working on the following project: I have processed S2 imagery using ACOLITE and have received outputs (NC File format) of turbidity maps in coastal region with automatic land and cloud cover applied. As an end product I want to take the mean of turbidity of the entire region displayed in the output images and generate a time series of monthly turbidity values for a year. As I have around 2-8 images a month for each month of the year I am trying to figure out a way to batch process these images. To do this, I think I will probably need to find a way to

a. use band maths to generate a mean map of turbidity for each month

b. use the statistics - mean tool on the output image and write outputs into another file or so.

I am not sure if that’s possible or if the only way would be to manually do this ?


I suggest that you take a look at the binning tool . In the menu at Raster / Geometric / Level-3 Binning

You can use it from the GUI for your first tests but you can use it also from the command line with gpt.
See also the help for more information.

Take also a look at this thread, might be helpful too.
Level 3 binning of Polymer processed OLCI Rrs product - s3tbx - STEP Forum (

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