Batch script file output not complete

hi this is my output after i run this batch script file

and this is my script

that i should have subset file in vv and vh folder but the folders is empthy

it’s have only one output and it’s have sigma0_VV in band
Could anyone help me find some mistakes about my code or where else please

Please review the FAQ. In particular, we need your
OS and SNAP versions and also an upload of your batch file. You should try adding the -e option:

  -e   Displays more detailed error messages. Displays a stack trace, if an exception occurs.

to your gpt command.

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I’m use snap version 9.0.0 (All Toolboxes window 64 Bit Main download) in window 11 and this is my batch and gpt file
batch script.bat (1016 Bytes)
Graph_S1B.xml (8.1 KB)