Bug in Pixel Info Lat/Lon?

I’ve created Latitude and Longitude bands for a product by using the LAT and LON functions in Band Maths, but there seems to be a discrepancy between the Latitude values reported in the Pixel Info window (see below). With the cursor pointed at the upper left corner of the band, the Latitude shown in the Bands section (highlighted in red) matches that shown at the bottom of the window (circled in red), but is different than that reported in the Position section (highlighted in purple). The difference is one delta-Latitude for this product.

Yes it’s true. There is an issue.
If the option “Show pixel coordinates starting at (1,1)” is enabled the geo-coordinates differ.

In your image you can see that in Pixel Info (1,1) is shown as pixel coordinate but in the status bar it is (0,0). This is another misalignment.
If you disable the above mentioned option every thing should be ok.

I’ve turned your report into a bug in our issue tracker.

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Dear sir marpet

Here is an HDR file of an unwrapped phase. Within the map section, we have the geo-referencing information for the image, as shown on this screen.

Original X and original Y are located in the center of the image; in other words, the center pixel of the HDR file is used as a reference.
For my work, I need to convert all my HDR files to the roi_pac format. Here is an example of the header file.

In order to convert all my header files, I need to get the coordinates of Original X and Original Y as top left east and top left north.

Could you please let me know if I could do that using Snap?
Thanks in advance and best regards.

I’ve replied here:

And, btw., I’m the marpet from the post above. The reason why I changed accounts is stated here:
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Thank you for your time, help and assistance in using snap