C2RCC results straight line

After I apply C2RCC on S2 data, it results straight line on images.
Pixel values change quickly. And because of these changed pixels, the image appears to be divided into 4 regions.

Is this just a bad result or meaning something else?
If this is wrong result, how can I fix it?
Results and processes are described below.

SNAP: SNAP 8.0.0
Data: S2B_MSIL1C_20211001T020649_N0301_R103_T52SDD_20211001T034236

  1. Optical - Geomtric - S2 Resamplig Processor (resolution 10 m)
  2. C2RCC - S2-MSI
    Input of C2RCC was MSI L1C product only. I didn’t input any other optional arguments, like, azone and air pressure. I didn’t change Processing Parameters.
    Outputs of C2RCC are 1) TOA reflectances, 2) normalized water leaving relfectances


Original RGB Image

Band: rhown_B2. colour ramp: derived from gradient_8_colors

Band: rhown_B3. colour ramp: derived from gradient_8_colors

Band Math: rhown_B2 / rhown_B3. colour ramp: derived from gradient_8_colors

Ooops. Right after I wrote this qustion, I found this.
The problem is because of the way the sensor taking pictures, I guess.

I think I should take this into account.
Is there any good tips for this?

Band: B3. colour ramp: derived from gradient_8_colors

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The stripes are known and in the thread a way to remove them is provided.
Detectors Stripes - s2tbx - STEP Forum (esa.int)

Also here is some discussion about it.

But the stripes are not (or not only) from sunglint. These are the camera borders. And for this problem there is no solution yet. At least as far as I know. But I actually wonder why there is no correction for this yet.