Cannot update snap 8.03

hi, i want to ask why my application snap cant updates directly and theres writing unable to connect to the update center, if i want to update always seem likes below this image. please tell me how to fix this problem with easy step. thankyou…


Please see:

thanks for your answer, but if im trying like that it cant work also, and the problem still same. is there any other way?

Unfortunatelly not. The previous listed possible reasons/solutions are the only ones.
Since this is the second complaint received yesterday, this morning I’ve cleaned SNAP cache to get rid of all the updates that I already had installed (including 8.0.3 ones).
After, installing all updates on SNAP 8.0 (from 8.0.1 to 8.0.3) worked without any issue.
So, it’s not a matter of STEP server.
What version of SNAP are you using? You can see this in Help -> About SNAP, on the bottom part.
Were you able in the past to install updates ? (for 8.0.1, 8.0.2)

iam using 8.0.0 and previously I haven’t installed the update.

Are you behind a proxy?

yes, how to fix it?