Can't open Sentinel 2 Level 2A image in Snap 5.0

Hello mengdahl,
i already use SNAP 6.0 but its still dont work in this matter.
thank you mengdahl.

Hi @Nyss82,

what product are you trying to open? Did you generate it using sen2cor or you have downloaded it?
Have you tested with more products?

Hi obarrilero,
i try to open sentinel2 MSI level 2A but i cant succeed,
its work for sentinel 2 level 1C and landsat 8,
i downloaded this images from ,
i didnt use sen2cor.
thank you .

Could you please tell me which is the full name of the product? I would like to download it and check if there is a problem with it.
Thanks in advance.

Hello obarrilero,
this the product name : S2A_MSIL2A_20180126T100301_N0206_R122_T32SPB_20180126T135119
and this is more information about the product

thanks in advance.

Hi again,

I have just downloaded it and it works properly here:

I have just realized that some time ago we had a similar problem caused by the software used for unzipping the product: WinZip caused some problems and 7zip worked better for SNAP. Perhaps this is the same issue… are you using WinZip? In that case, could you try to use 7zip?

It is possible also that the file is corrupted, try to unzip it again or download again.

Finally, with SNAP version 6 it is also possible to open the product directly by selecting the .zip file without unzip it. This is another option to check.


Hello @Nyss82 @obarrilero

I can confirm that the product opens in SNAP. I dragged the ZIP file into SNAP 6.0 and it works for me.




Hi Nyssrine,

My cache file is at the highest level on my C: drive (so C:\cache ). Within it is …\s2tbx\l2a-reader\6.0.0-SNAPSHOT



Hi obarrilero,
Thank you for the help, now its work finalyyy,
i use 7zip and its work i can open the product,
and i use SNAP 6.0 and i can open directly the product without unzip

thank youu again :slight_smile:

Hello Jan,
Now i can confirm too, its worked finalyyy.
thank you.

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Hi Omar
I have the same problem for openning S2MSI level2A
snap 5,0 cannot open it ,but Grassgis 6.0 does , so it does not seems something like unzipping
Anyway all SAFE files with 10m , 20m and 60m resolution .jp2000 separated in different files always makes problems.
Just have a look to attached screenshot
Thanks a lot

you should install SNAP 6.0 to go sure:

Thanks for the idea
But how to upgrade , ??
Erase the previous snap5.0: nothing found in the forum

just download the latest version and start the installer. You will be asked if you want to replace the existing one.

Sorry but does not work any better ! with snap6.0
the files are opened with grassgis so the file should not be corrupted
I tried also to open the zip file directly in the "product explorer " : does not works either
here is the file

Three days of hard work for nothing :working with Grassgis is not that easy ! and i have only 60m resolution LAI

I cannot reproduce your issue, I downloaded your scene and could open it without any erros

I opened it with File > Import > Optical Sensors > Sentinel-2 > S2MSI L2A > MTD_MSIL2A.xml

perhaps am I dumb stupid
with your advice ,all I get is this

“no valid tiles associated with product MTD_MSIL2A xml”

I already have downloaded a new file

I am still on 32 bit , is it an issue ?
Many thanks anyway !!!

sounds like your product wasn’t downloaded / extracted completely. But if you can open it in GRASS there must be something else. Did you test it on another computer?

You are great to me
So I used another computer Linux/ ubuntu with Grass and opened all 10m and 20 m resolution one by one : each individual "image " is imported separately. Grass works easily with different resolutions and or sentinel/landsat 8 images

must be something weird with the MTD_MSIL2A xml
as if the "adress " of each IMG_DATA files was not the right one
The big issue is that I need desperately this Safe file because it is the only one in more than 6 weeks
I had the same problem with this type of safe folder : it has another hierarchy of files in it .
the images are classified by resolution :all 10m in a folder , all 20m in another and the 60m ,another named respectively R10m,R20m, R60m
How is it that I cannot open the zip folder( 1140Mb ) with snap6.0
I hope I have been clear

I don’t know if I understand you right but you have to select the MTD file in the uppermost folder.