Can't open Sentinel 2 Level 2A image in Snap 5.0

Hi there!

I downloaded a Sentinel 2 l 2A image from the esa science hub. Unfortunately I get the following error when I try to open the xml file in snap 5.0. (S2A_MSIL2A_20170506T105031_N0205_R051_T34WDC_20170506T105029_20170530T104154_report.xml)

“No appropriate product reader found”

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Thanks in advace!!


you have to open the file “MTD_MSIL2A.xml” instead of the report file.

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One note: after opening a Sentinel2 L2A file, SNAP populates its cache, like it did for L1C.
L1C cache is cleaned periodically according to the setting into SNAP S2TBX options, but the L2A cache seems to be never cleaned, at least up to SNAP v5.0.5.


I have to say that - to be sure - I clean the cache manually. Hitting the button never seems to be so effective as to go into the Cache folder and manually delete more distant stuff…




a problem with the cache was detected some weeks ago (see, but it should be fixed with the last module update. Please, could you update the Sentinel-2 Toolbox kit module and check if it is already working properly?

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Thank you very much for all the helpful answers. I can open the product now and also cleaned up the cache.

I want to do some further processing on the image - how is it possible to safe the image into an ENVI compartible format?

The option File-> Export doesn’t work since the bands have different resolutions.

Best, Julie

Sentinel-2 cache clean up seems to work well in SNAP 5 with S2TBX 5.0.7 and in SNAP 6 after the bug fix reported here:

Setting ‘Delete cache at each start up’ in SNAP software under ‘Tools -> Options -> S2TBX -> Max time in cache’ delete the image cache also for a gpt execution that requires S2TBX cache (e.g. l2a-reader).

By the way, when running many gpt processes (using S2TBX readers) from a bash parallel execution or simultaneously in different shells, each new gpt invocation deletes the entire s2tbx cache folder. The gpt processes already running go to the end without errors, but the resulting output images lack of the last tiles, probably because the cache folder was deleted by another process before the end of the computation.

I would advice to add an option for the ‘Max time in cache’ setting to delete the cache files only at the end of each gpt execution (or when exiting snap application), instead of at the start up. Moreover, a more tidy solution to avoid the reported problem would be to delete only the cache folder created by the process, instead of deleting the entire s2tbx cache folder.


Pls Julie can you tell me how you did cleaned the cache and opened the S2 MSI2A?
I use the SNAP 6 but untill now i cant open s2 2A.


Hello Nyssrine,

The cache can be cleaned by going through Tools > Options > S2TBX > Sentinel-2 Cache.

For the Level-2A, are you using the MTD_MSIL2A.xml?



S2 MPC/CC Operations Manager

Hello Jan,
thank you for replying me,
yes i did as you told me and i use MTD_MSIL2A.xml but its still dont work.

Hello Nyssrine,

Oh. I would confirm if your cache is actually cleaned. To do this, you will need to find your cache fiolder. Mine (Windows 7) is here:


Failing that, if you can pass me the filename of your L2A, I shall see if I can replicate your issues here.



I would recommend everyone switches to using SNAP 6.0 official, if possible (a generic recommendation from my part).

Hello Jan,
i was looking for that folder but i cant found it.
i have just found this

thank you

Hello mengdahl,
i already use SNAP 6.0 but its still dont work in this matter.
thank you mengdahl.

Hi @Nyss82,

what product are you trying to open? Did you generate it using sen2cor or you have downloaded it?
Have you tested with more products?

Hi obarrilero,
i try to open sentinel2 MSI level 2A but i cant succeed,
its work for sentinel 2 level 1C and landsat 8,
i downloaded this images from ,
i didnt use sen2cor.
thank you .

Could you please tell me which is the full name of the product? I would like to download it and check if there is a problem with it.
Thanks in advance.

Hello obarrilero,
this the product name : S2A_MSIL2A_20180126T100301_N0206_R122_T32SPB_20180126T135119
and this is more information about the product

thanks in advance.

Hi again,

I have just downloaded it and it works properly here:

I have just realized that some time ago we had a similar problem caused by the software used for unzipping the product: WinZip caused some problems and 7zip worked better for SNAP. Perhaps this is the same issue… are you using WinZip? In that case, could you try to use 7zip?

It is possible also that the file is corrupted, try to unzip it again or download again.

Finally, with SNAP version 6 it is also possible to open the product directly by selecting the .zip file without unzip it. This is another option to check.


Hello @Nyss82 @obarrilero

I can confirm that the product opens in SNAP. I dragged the ZIP file into SNAP 6.0 and it works for me.