cant open vv polarised image

sir I have problem in this thing. some time i can open the vv polarisaton image but some time i cant. If i open vv, cant open vh. can you suggest me a solution for this problem.

please use the search function of this forum:

“Java heap space” means that your computer cannot allocate enough memory to execute this process. Maybe you need to close some other programs or restart snap (with less data loaded) to make more memory available for this task.

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Thanks for the help, sir. Rit now i’m facing problem with the issue that sigma0_vv is created but i cant open the band image. when i click the sigma0_vv band to open, the toolbar is loading for long time.

is it an option to create a subset before proceeding?

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Yes, sir. but I have to extract the water body of my study area.

this can also be done after creating a subset.

Please have a look at this suggestion on how to make subsets without opening the product:

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I’m very thankfull for your help for work.