Can't run sen2cor

I recently having a hard time to run sen2cor with SNAP. I already followed the instruction from this Sen2cor (detailled instructions) and the problem still exist. After doing trial and error, I managed to run L2A_process.bat with no problem. But running sen2cor from cmd is to hassle for me, so I tried again to fix my problem with sen2cor in SNAP.
Going through several threads in this forum I suddenly realised the problem.First I change the folder’s name from Sentinel-2 imagery zip. Second, it seems that sen2cor won’t run on a directory that has spaces on it. Because of that I have to change my user folder name. And voila, it works! So to summarize, you need to consider these things before running sen2cor:

  1. Your computer user name has no space in it, if it happens to had it please refer to this link
  2. Don’t change the folder’s name of the satellite imagery, just leave it that way.
  3. You can download sen2cor from and then install it Locally in SNAP if you having an unstable internet connection.

That’s all from me, I hope someone could learn from my problem. Thank you for the community that provide some helps to my problem.
ps: I installed SNAP 7.0 and sen2cor 2.80


thank you for sharing your experience. It will help others to get sen2cor to work.