Change default user dir in SNAP v.8

I have recently installed SNAP v.8 and I’ve been trying to change the location of the .snap folder to a different drive according to the following instructions here and here
The issue if that the ‘’ file does not contain the line
How should I proceed in that case?


Hi @Val_98,

If the line is not there you can simply add it:


However it is strange that the line is not there, could you attach your file here?


Hi Martino,

Thanx for the reply. Attached is the requested file. Will try out the proposed solution and let u know if it works
Val (535 Bytes)

Well it is different from my file but I think it should work, try to simply add the line at the end of the file and let me know.


Well, I cut and paste the .snap folder from drive C into the snap installation folder on the desired drive. Then I added the line


in the file. So far it works, thanks for helping Martino


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Concerning change of default user, there’s again memory issues on my machine, I noticed that after downloading SNAP updates a new .snap folder is created on drive C (which I want to avoid using), instead of the drive/path indicated in the file. What else should be changed so that everything related to SNAP -updates, DEMs etc- is put in the user-specified folder?

Edit: I tried also changing the user path in the snap.conf file, but SNAP didn’t run at all in that case

Thank you,

You probably want to change the settings in snap.conf too.


On Windows "${HOME} this is mapped to C:\Users\<USER_NAME>\AppData\Roaming
So, you should change this too.

DEMS can be redirected to another location by setting e.g.
AuxDataPath = X:\\AuxData2 in snap.auxdata.location. By default, the user directory set by the property snap.userdir is used.

Thanks for the tips @marpet