Coherent change detection

Hi every one,
i need to Perform coherent change detection(CCD) with sentinel 1 (SLC) .
What is the ideal steps to do that .

compute coherence for your image pairs as described here: Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry

calculate coherence for different image pairs and compare the change in coherence.

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Thanks a lot

Hi ABraun,

I just would like to clarify about CCD. Coherent Change Detection method is done by calculating coherence between two image pairs and then is compared by Change Operator and the result of this process is Coherente Change Detection ?

So if I want to perform CCD I should calculate Coherence between e.g. SLC image from of 1st of June and 7th June and then between 7th June and 14th June and then compare the Coherence bands using Change Detection ?.

I just cannot find any tutorial with all processing steps for Coherent Change Detection using SNAP. I went through SNAP Forum, I was looking for this information in presentations from ESA Summer/Land/etc. schools, in SNAP website, Alaska university radar website and I have read many articles but I just did not find any tutorial with processing steps for Sentinel 1 SLC Coherent Change Detection or I was absolutely blind. Do you have some more information or some tutorial ?

Thank you for your help.



404 not found the tutorial Mr @ABraun and i have a question about the ccd formula

the post is from 2018, I updated the link. You find the new tutorial here: Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry

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Hi, when computing coherence for CCD (for human activity monitoring), should we subtract or not the flat earth? and the topography?

I can’t see a case where we would like to keep the flat earth when computing only the coherence (as opposed to interferogram), same for the topography. But I guess that I am missing something since the checkbox are there.

Could you clarify this please?