Combine coherence and displacement bands?


I am working on a project with some unwrapped products. I am able to make the displacement image, do terrain correction and get a decent result, but I want to do some analysis outside SNAP with the coherence data as well. I can make a coherence image, but I would like to create a single file with a coherence band, and a displacement band. I tried using the graph builder to combine this but it did not work, and when I run phase to displacement, my only option is a single band output.

you have to stack both the terrain corrected coherence and the displacement product to have both in a joint product: How to exclude low coherence area?

Is this done with the InSAR stack tool? I am looking to create a single product with a band for projected local incidence angle, displacement, and coherence.

if both are terrain corrected you can simply use Radar > Coregistration > Stack Tools > Create Stack or alternatively Collocation

that seems to have worked, thank you so much!