Converting sentinel 3 level 1 products to level 2

I want to convert level 1 data captured in 2016 May from sentinel 3 OLCI into level 2 data. The data foot print is related to pacific ocean between HAWAII and North America. I checked EUMETSAT atleast for latest data but there is no any. my question; is there a way to convert level 1 data in 2016 to level 2 data format of sentinel 3 eesa or is there a way to take latest (from 2018) level 2 water data for this area? thank you very much.

Have you also checked codarep?

You can also check the EO Portal of Eumetsat. There you should find old data. You probably need to register separately for this.
On this page all data delivery options of Eumetsat are listed.

Regarding the question if there is processor for generating Level 2.
Not really. It depends on what your are interested in. If you want chl concentration you can use the C2RCC which is part of the processing chain in the ground segment.
But there is no full Level 2 processor available.

as i saw contain only SLSTR data. I am searching for OLCI data.

for the past data of EUMETSAT , it doesnot contain pacific ocean

i need the data in this foot print.

Maybe in the EO Portal.
You can also ask Eumetsat directly:

i found some data from but the maximum time line is 2017. is it possible to download data from the cloud sobloo also i am still waiting for the reply of EUMETSAT. in the mean time i like to try sobloo if it is possible to download.