Coordinates can not be read from file for pixel extraction

when I use the Raster -> Export -> Export Pixel Values, add location from file (csv or txt), It always end in error, for example at least “Name”,“Lat”,“Lon” columns should be included in the file. I have such columns containing Name, latitude and longitude, I do not know why this problem occur, Could you help me figure it out? Thank you very much

Can you show your file? With some sample coordinates. It does not need have all coordinates.

Dear Marpet,
Thank you for your reply. AwaIsland.txt (192 Bytes)
Here is my sample coordinates.

Dear Marpet,
When I use your uploaded file pin.txt, it is Ok, I do not know where is wrong for my file


I am having the same problem as HSFengWang had. Unfortunately, I cannot see the reworked file you sent him that ran. Perhaps you could describe what is different between his ( and apparently my) file and the file you revised.

Thanks, Norm

HSFengWang is referring to this post:

The problem in the Awalsland.txt file was the wrong encoding (UTF-16LE).
This file was especially encoded and this made our reader stumble.
Usually, the default settings of the text editor should work.

Well, I have created a file that looks like the one you sent and I have even replaced the data in the file you sent with a sample of my data, and I get the same error message when I try to run either file. “No coordinates specified.” I’m not computer literate enough to know how to check the encoding of my file. It was created using an iMAC computer, if that helps.

Could you attach the file? Then I can have look.

pin.txt (109 Bytes)
pin.txt (366 Bytes)

Hi Marco,

Were you able to view my file? i tried uploading/attaching it in a couple of different ways and wondered if you were able to open it?

Thanks, Norm

No, had no time yet to have a look at it. But I can read the files.