Copernicus open access hub


Does anyone know why Copernicus open access hub (scihub) and USGS (Earthexplorer) give different information on the time the image was aquired (hh:mm:ss) for Sentinel 2?

For example:

Sensing start: 2018-06-05T07:26:09.024Z
Sensing stop: 2018-06-05T07:26:09.024Z

Acquisition Start Date - 2018-06-05T07:49:10.631Z
Acquisition End De - 2018-06-05T07:58:33.443Z

Maybe I missed some vital part but seems strange to me.
Thanks in advance.


Maybe one refers to the whole S2 product while the other refers to a single tile within?

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I think it could be related to the “Time stamp of the first line of the Granule, that is the Sensing Start Time of the Granule PDI” (Sensing time) and the archiving time (Acquisition time).