Creating Glacier Velocity Map uisng InSAR Technique

Can anyone guide me or send a graph related to estimation of Glacier velocity using InSAR technique.
I am using S1 SLC datasets for Himalayan region.
Through literature review i came to know that PIV method can be used.
But I am new to SAR data ANd SNAP software,SO it would be helpful if someone can show the steps to carried out to estimate glacier velocity.

Thank you

Have you seen this tutorial?
Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry

Maybe also offset tracking is more suitable here. There is a separate tutorial on this.

Well I have already used that method.The results are not good for the study region.
Is anyone aware of PIV method?or using CIAS tool ?

This can have many reasons, but you can always adjust parameters to improve it. Don’t expect a one-click-solution with SAR data, it’s always about finding the best data pair, the most suitable method and the ideal configuration.
What did you try?

Never heard of PIV or CIAS, sorry. Where did you find those?

sorry,Its PSI (Persistent Scatter Interferometry)

On PSI please see here: StaMPS - Detailed instructions - #2 by ABraun

PSI won’t work over glaciers (no stable scatterets).

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There are studies where it worked using small-baseline approaches, but it depends on the surface of the glaciers and their orientation towards to radar

Well, it’s physically impossible to keep the same scatterers on a moving/deforming glacier with melting and snowfall. I guess in some limited cases this could be possible in the right conditions(?). The first two papers do not use InSAR and frankly the 3rd one looks suspect.

You are right, sorry. Small baseline does not automatically involve interferometry…
I could think of cases of glaciers covered by dense debris of large stones which could serve as stable scatterers, but whatever melting is involved, decorrelation is unavoidable, I fully agree.

How to estimate glacial thickness/depth from estimated glacial velocity?
Can we do it for SAR datsets?
There are literatures for optical datasets but couldnt find anything relevant to SAR datasets.