Cut an image using .tif file

Hello! I want to cut an image using a .tif file. I created a WKT polygon from .tif file and I used it in a graph with subset, I’m not getting the right result. The resulting image has other dimensions than the image from .tif file. How could I do that any other way? Thank you!

can you please share the WKT you are using and also what kind of .tif file you want to clip?
Maybe the coordinates are of different units (degree vs. meters)

Also screenshots would help us to understand hwo the dimensions are different than expected.

This is the .tif image file and the rectangle in order to take WKT coordinates.
The dimensions of this image are:Capture3

I built a graph for subset and I put the rectangle coordinqtes:

The result image dimensions are: Capture5 . Also, the color of the pixels has changed:



The dimension is probably different because the second one is reprojected.
If once explained the change of geometry here:

The color changes because the colours depend on the value range. You can specify specific upper and lower limits in the colour manipulation. (Why image colour changed after coregistraion?)
For RGB images it is explained in the FAQ.