DEM for the Arctic region

Hi, I am working with S1B_IW_SLC data on the Arctic region.

When I try to coregistration the image it gives an error every time : [NodeId: Back-Geocoding] Entire image is outside of SRTM valid area. please use another DEM.

I have no Digital elevation model for the Arctic region.

Kindly help me with how I can solve this problem.

Select one of the other Auto Download DEMs, ACE for instance.

hi @Evgeniia,

my thesis was about permafrost degredation in greenland using S1 imagery and experienced the same issue you have.

I have used both TanDEM-X 90m as external dem and GIMP(Greenland ice mapping project) DEM with 30m resolution. depending on your situation you can choose betweeen these 2. i would highly recommend to not use Arctic-DEM because it has bad height resolution for Insar purpose.

You can download these dems online and supply them to SNAP or SNAP2StamPS using the external dem function as a GTIFF in unprojected wgs 1984.

you can check my github for my documentation on how to do this in SNAP2StaMPS.



For TOPS-coregistration even a low-quality low-resolution DEM will do. A good DEM is needed for the removal of topographic phase, of course.

Thanks. That’s correct)))I have used TanDEM-X.