Documentation on SNAP-StaMPS workflow

Dear forum contributors,

I am very grateful i could be part of this forum to complete my thesis regarding seasonal subsidence calculation using Sentinel-1 and StaMPS. In the progress of completing my bsc I have created a Readme that should cover a large part of installation and basic processing of SNAP-StaMPS. The documentation will be sufficient for any beginner trying to start and extra links within the paper show you to more in depth articles. I hope I can help some people with their problems getting started with these methods. From experience i can say it takes time to generate, interpret, regenerate and conclude on these results. PS-InSAR has a complex data chain with multiple uncertainties and possible problems so be careful jumping into the deep end.

you can find all help from installing, data downloading, pre-processing, StaMPS processing and LOS convertion in this github:

I can also recommend reading through a different Gitlab of our fellow contributors, which has been updated extensively over the last month I just saw.

Don’t forget to read through some basic PS-InSAR before starting this adventure and giving those contributors the scientific credit they really deserve!

please notify me if any information is not sufficient or misleading, this GitHub is just a start but is definitely not complete nor perfect.

Good luck processing,
Gijs van Leeuwen


very nice documentation, this will surely help people getting into it. I added it at the top of the list here: About the StaMPS category

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