How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP

In a time i did it manually for a huge amount of images.
Thanks to snap2stamps authors this come to be more easier.
@SUN-Ravenclaw you can also use this tool. it can help you a lot Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow


Hi Abdel, thank you for the answer above, I have completed steps 1 to 8 of StaMPS in matlab. However, I encountered some warning messages in step 6 (shown below).
Warning: A’s rank is not sufficient to reach the computer precision range.

In lscov (line 200)
In uw_sb_unwrap_space_time (line 304)
In uw_3d (line 161)
In ps_unwrap (line 235)
In stamps (line 503)
Do you know why? Thanks again.

Dear @ABraun ,
I tried what you recommended to do but I still cant get anu results! would you please take a look at these:

thank you

I don’t understand why you apply Create Stack when you have already applied Back Geocoding.

I found this tutorial in forum, with these steps, I may be misunderstood:
" 1) For S1, apply TOPS split and then apply precise orbit
2) Add all products to the Backgeocoding
3) Create Stack of Backgeocoded images (master_Stack)
Create a stack of Interferograms (Follow the step one of Prepare for STACK AVERAGING) on the resulting stack. { STEP 1 : master (SAME MASTER)+ (Different Slaves)first slave -> TOPS Corregistration, if necessary Deburst (and possibly subset), Interferogram, topographic phase removal, } master_Stack_ifg­_dinsar .
Deburst both the Backgeocoded stack (master_Stack_Deb), and the Interferogram stack (master_Stack_Deb_ifg¬_dinsar .).
5) Add an elevation band to the Interferogram stack (by right-click > add elevation raster.).
6) Add the Debursted stack and Debursted Interferogram stack to the stamps export "

yes, sorry. You are right. It was a misunderstanding from my side yesterday.
Do you use the same master for all coregistered stacks?

By the way, to add elevation and lat/lon rasters can now be done in the interferogram generation step already. Unfortunately, there are many outdated instructions on StaMPS preparation in this forum. This one is the latest I know: Documentation on SNAP-StaMPS workflow

We collected them once in this topic: About the StaMPS category

Please make sure you are referring to the latest version.

Yes, I use a 201912 image as master for each of coregistered stacks, I still don’t know whats wrong
thank you so much I’m gonna use this tutorial and check if I did sth by mistake

Hi all, the following figure is my map in GMT with the results of my DInSAR PSI processing…
using the ps_mean_v file!!! @mdelgado


Hi again, I want to check with details the contents of folders PATCH 1… 2… of others people here! can somebody to list this please??? I am checking errors presented during the processing…

if you are free , could you please share some experiences about how to use Global Mapper and Surface to draw the pictures from data in StaMPS.
Thank you !

Oh,a beautiful graph!could you tell how you create it ?Thank you !

It is about saving your results and drawing each of result as shaded relief map into the Surfer program. It takes a bit time according to your data. But first you need to plot your result into Global mapper and export the data as Surfer .grd data. These programs are easy to use but not free. If you find a way, I can assist you to plot your results as same as mine.

i have got these two is need to take me some time to if you are free ,i hope to get some advices and help.Thank you!

Hello again,
First of all, did you obtain result figures ? For example, mean_LOS velocity map? If you obtain that, you can export the values using matlab and you have LAT and LON values too. Then you need to creat LAT, LON, mean_LOS values respectively into the .dat file. If you make that tell me, afterwards it is time to use global mapper.

hello!i have got the graph you mentioned!but ,sorry ,i don’t know where and how to export the result!i have read the mannual again but couldn’t find.could you give me some hints?thank you!

What are value .base file in diff0 floder, which get from stamps export
Those files show 2 value, it contain “initial baseline(meters unit)” and initial_baseline_rate(meter/second). question is how to calculate both value in .base file.

Do you mean in Matlab or Grapher? Could you write your stage clearly? You can write my mail directly if you want. I dont want to flood this info page with our draw issues. It is:

Hi @gsw220 it was created in GMT 6.0, I exported my results from StaMPS and MATLAB in .xy files!!! and plotted the ps_mean_v.xy file!!!

I am trying to do PSI analysis and I have prepared the workflow from this doc . I did S1 Tops split, selected swath and seperated the bursts for my area and then applied orbit file. I want to carry out DInSAR and further export to stamps. I am following the workflow in the image for 2nd step. My doubt is that where I should add the subset option to perform the DInSAR analysis in the graph. Please help

Is it ok if I perform the subset by adding it after Deburst and before ifg?

I think it is better to apply both subsets after Deburst.

As suggested in the PDF, you can use the snap2stamps python scripts which automatically clip your data according to the bounding box coordinates given in the config file.

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