Dinsar result

hello i need some help please.
From the pair of Sentinel-1 images (Orbit : 8590 ; acquisition date : 13Nov2015) (Orbit 17690 ; acquisition date : 29 Jul2017) with a perpendicular baseline of 86.41 m. I obtain this interferogram.
my questions

  • is this result helpful or not? can I use this result?
  • Are those steps correct?

image ![image|281x204]



By “Interferogram Formation”, did you remove the topographic phase ? If yes, your steps seem ok to me.

However, I would suggest to (1) Multilook your interferogram and (2) Apply the Goldstein Phase Filtering before the unwrapping. This will help making your data smaller (useful for unwrapping) but also enhance phase information.

Right now, the quality of your results is quite bad. If you look at your coherence value, the phase information is almost meaningless.

I suggest your to apply (1) and (2) and come back with updates.



As @qglaude has mentioned very important notes about the posted results, Please find within this post the steps of Creating Single Interferogram

Source of the post

Also please have a look and you could also use this Processing Steps of Creating Single Interferogram In case you are applying the processes through out gpt

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Thank you for your clarification.