Display problem

Hello everyone,
I’m having a little trouble with SNAP for a stack of Pleiades data. I can’t visualize the data, the stack has 9 bands (4 basic bands and vegetation indices) and none of these bands are displayed. I can’t display the colored composition either, the SNAP “Creating images” window opens but nothing is displayed afterwards.
Any idea what the problem is? Maybe a capability of the PC?
Thanks to all of you!

Did you maybe store the Pleiades data on an external hard drive or USB stick (or even a network drive)? This drastically slows down the reading speed of large images.
How much RAM does your computer have?

Did you open the original data via File > Import > Optical Sensors > Pleiades or is it a product which was already processed?

Indeed, the stack is stored on a hard drive. My PC has 16 GB of RAM and these are products processed in tif format.

What processing has been applied?

A mosaicking because the image was in several parts then an atmospheric correction and then the calculation of 5 indices and the stack of 9 bands in tif.

how large is the tif file then?

2.84 Go for the stack

this is not too large, should work actually. Does the statistics tool grafik result in reasonable pixel statistics? Please check with one band.

Do you see a preview in the Navigation window?

No band opens…
No visualization either

can you display the tif in other programs correctly?

Yes with QGIS and OTB the image is displayed

maybe you can upload the tif somewhere (OneDrive, Dropbox) and share it with me in a private message so I can test?

Hello everyone!
If some of you have the same problem, I will explain the solution I have found!
To start, I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and checked that the images opened well with other software.
Then, I simply started again with pre-processed but unstacked base images. I computed each of the indices with SNAP instead of doing it in line of code in Rstudio and made my stack at the end. This seems to work better and solves my problem.
Hoping to help you.


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