Doris5.03 stamps stamps

hello, anyone konws that how to deal with the result from Doris 5.03 processing the Sentinel-1 SAR data ,to import the coregister data into Stamps so that it could made PSI .thank you …

If I am not wrong it should be quite straight forward.
Once you get the master-slave processing done, you should directly use the mt_prep included within the StaMPS package.

I hope this helps. If not, please provide us with more info.

Thank you for your reply, I want to know about the Sentinel-1 data processing using Doris 5.03 and Stamps 4.1 beta. At present, I used Doris 5.03 to register the sentinel-1 data, but the scripe mt_prep seems not suit for Doris 5.03 output I don’t know how to do it, I want the stamps 4.1 can make PSI for sentinel result from Doris 5.03.
If you know ,please give a help ,thank you.

Can you provide more information? What about the output generated by Doris? Filenames, folders and .res files?

when I use the Doris 5.03 to registrate the sentinel-1 data, I found the main result folder called stack :

in the result file ,the master image is 20170731,and the slaver image is 20170812 and 20170824,
I found that the esd folder contain the ESD register file. and in the 20170731 and 20170812 20170824 is the register file .when I get into the slaver register folder, I fount this:

in the swath_3 folder is the every burst register file :
and in every burst, it is the one burst register file.
so I want to know that ,how to organize this file , I want to make PSI in stamps , do you know ? thank you

I believe you may have all the necessary but with slightly different filenames …

Still 3 slaves is too few for a PSI.

If you feel like sharing those files it would be easier to check how to help

stack.rar (2.2 MB) thank your for your reply, yes 3 image is not enough, I just want to figure out how to do with it. I want to ask that what I need to share? thank you. I upload the stack folder ,and I delete the big file like ras and raw.

I cannot extract the file. Can you share it again?

Sorry, I didn’t read the messages but I am familiar with the Doris-5.03. Unfortunately, that uploaded package is not completed so that I faced the error during running this package. In addition, you need to ask the special “m_prep” code compatible with this version from the developers.

stack.7z (1.7 MB)

how about this time ?

yes,I know what you mean, but first I don not konw how to how to organize this result data from Doris ,then I use mt_prep to do it.Thank you

Could you run the Doris to get the results?

yes, I can ,I run Doris 5.03 and get the result, then I upload the Result

Can I see your results such as a sample of interferograms?

like this ? unwrapped.ras

That’s nice. Do you have the wrapped version of this result?

this is interferogram_fit_mix:

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Great. I cannot see any unusual signal in your result Because i remembered when I worked with this version, I got the strange result which made me worried

I don not know why.
after I get the resample result , I don not konw how to organize the result and then use mt_prep .do you konw how to do it? thank you