Doris5.03 stamps stamps

You must ask Prof. Hanssen to get the main code to prepare the results of Doris-5.0.3 for the stamps processing.

This time works.

For what I see… it will not work as it is due to some factors, such as the proper Btemp (temporal baseline) specified.
Additionally, it needs a restructuring and renaming of files, or to create a mt_prep from scratch as suggested so far by other colleagues.

Hello everyone, does anyone know the detailed workflow of Doris and stamps to realize SBAS?(using sentinel-1A data)

Hello everyone, it seems that the above question is a little too difficult or unclear. But now I have another question:
When using StaMPS software, if I want to use Doris and ROI_ PAC for data preprocessing, do I need to download and install these two software again? Because I see there are two folders in the extracted file of StaMPS (as shown in the figure below)
Hope to guide me, thank you very much.

if you do the pre-processing with SNAP, you do not have to compile DORIS and ROI_PAC. Please have a look at this post:

Hi @wuwu did you get a solution to Doris?.
@SUN-Ravenclaw, I am also trying to use Doris for sentinel -1 data. but I do not know how to go about it. kindly let me know how you are handling it.

Just to go sure: You know that you can use SNAP for preprocessing as well? About the StaMPS category

Hi @ABraun, I have done PSI with SNAP. I want to test my study area with SBAS. Which is why I want to utilize Doris, since SNAP does not support SBAS export.

Ok, I understand. Just wanted to chip that in :slight_smile:

would you please let me know how to install doris with ubuntu,since I’ve tried several weeks to install(doris 4.0.2,4.0.6, 5.0.3) it ,but fault with "strcat(name_,’\0’) ",replaced withname_[9]=’\0’ later,and "ERROR : [ " every times.

hi, if we don’t need Doris should we just put # for the line in tcsh stamps file?

if you have pre-processed the data in SNAP - yes

thanks. done!
now I’m facing a new problem using mt_prep command, would you please take a look at this?

I’m using 4 photos to check if i’m doing it right, so the command found so manu PSs!

I don’t know much about the data, so it is very hard to guess. What type of data do you use (sensor) and how large is your area? The number of PS candidates seems quite large to me.
Also witdth = 1 and number of interferograms = 0 is very strange.

Have you seen this documentation?

I’m using sentinel1A - 2019 data over a plain, an i processed whole IW2 because my area includes IW2 and IW3 and I’m going to merge them later. I used 0.2 2 1 100 50 for threshold etc. number pf PSs seem large to me too but which param should I change?!
yeah I think i’ve done all steps according to tutorials but it seems something is going wrong, should I export stamps data and redo the commands?

the amplitude dispersion index usually ranges between 0.4 and 0.42
Your selection of 0.2 would already strongly reduce the number of PS candidates.

o thank you, so maybe that’s the reason of the error, i’ll reprocess it again

hi Andreas! I changed the digit “0,2” to “0,4” but the result was even worse! twice the PS candidates it processed before! is it maybe the next inputs 2 1 100 50? are these numbers maybe wrong or big for an IW? sorry for taking your time

the other parameters have no impact on the number of PS. How large is the area and what does it show?

may I ask how can i calculate the area?! : | because I didn’t crop the IW with roi