Downloading data for snap using sentinelsat API - LTA error

I am trying to download data to use in toolbox (so hope this is the right place to ask) and I get this error when I am using the sentinelsat python API:

sentinelsat.sentinel.SentinelAPILTAError: HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error: Trying to download an offline product
Product 93351dbb-46fe-4faf-b35d-aa7fba801ff2 is not online. Triggering retrieval from long term archive.
Trying to download an offline product
There was an error retrieving 93351dbb-46fe-4faf-b35d-aa7fba801ff2 from the LTA

Does this mean the data will be available within 24hrs since I have triggered the retrieval or does the error mean it didn’t work?

I am actually having the same error and have not been able to download data from the LTA for the past 3 days. If you got it figured out can you please share?

Thank you

I just wrote a script that requests one image every half hour based on the csv I downloaded with the uuids…so that will be running for days.

It triggers every half hour and then tomorrow I’ll download the data that is available

I have the same problem. Would it be possible for you to share your script?
I am very new to python programming.


etoms could you shar eyour script ?

many thanks

NOTE: first you need a csv with the imagery you want to download

api = SentinelAPI('username', 'password', '')

# search by polygon, time, and SciHub query keywords

footprint = geojson_to_wkt(read_geojson(r"AOI.json"))
products = api.query(footprint,
date=(‘startyyyymmdd’, ‘endyyyymmdd’),
platformname=‘Sentinel-2’, producttype=‘S2MSI1C’)

# convert to Pandas DataFrame

products_df = api.to_dataframe(products)

# import dataframe to csv

products_df.to_csv(r"output.csv", index=False, header=True)
print(“csv of records downloaded”)

Now you can use that csv to download your data

csv_folder is a folder with your csv in it, this was before I realized that I should have had a limit to the number of images I was looking for at a time, so really you could probably change this up so you don’t need to have it in a folder.

NOTE that you really can only have a csv length of 40 before risking the data going back into the archive before you loop back around to download it

def download(csv_folder, login_user, login_pass):
# authenticate with API
api = SentinelAPI(login_user, login_pass, ‘’)

# create download directory if doesn't exist
download_dir = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser(csv_folder), 'downloads')
if not os.path.exists(download_dir):

# find all CSV files in folder
filepath_pattern = os.path.join(os.path.expanduser(csv_folder), '**','*.csv')
csv_files = glob.glob(filepath_pattern, recursive=True)

# load all csv records into a list
scenes = []
for csv_path in csv_files:
print("[INFO] {} scenes found in all CSV files".format(len(scenes)))

# find all donwloaded files in folder
downloaded_files_pattern = os.path.join(download_dir,'**', '*.zip')
downloaded_basenames = [ os.path.basename(downloaded_file) for downloaded_file in glob.glob(downloaded_files_pattern, recursive=True) ]

# get list of items not yet downloaded
all_scene_titles = { scene['title'] for scene in scenes }
downloaded_scene_titles = { os.path.splitext(downloaded_basename)[0] for downloaded_basename in downloaded_basenames }
print("[INFO] {} downloaded scenes found in folder".format(len(downloaded_scene_titles)))

scene_ids = [ scene['uuid'] for scene in scenes if scene['title'] in all_scene_titles.difference(downloaded_scene_titles)]
print("[INFO] {} scenes remain to download".format(len(scene_ids)))

if len(scene_ids) == 0:
    print("[INFO] No more files left to download from csv files")
    return False

# loop through each scene id and attempt to download. 
#Try twice and then move onto the next one, it will be requested from the archive now. 
for idx, scene_id in enumerate(scene_ids):
    product_info = api.get_product_odata(scene_id)
    print("[INFO] Product {} ({}/{}); Online: {}".format(

    attempts = 0
    while attempts < 2:
  ['id'], download_dir)
            break # if successful, move past
        except Exception as e:
            print("[ERROR] Request failed.. sleeping for 31 mins before retrying (current time: {})".format(
        attempts += 1
return True
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@etomps Is it works now ?

Hi, I face up the same issue… Did it work?