Downloading data for snap using sentinelsat API - LTA error

I am trying to download data to use in toolbox (so hope this is the right place to ask) and I get this error when I am using the sentinelsat python API:

sentinelsat.sentinel.SentinelAPILTAError: HTTP status 500 Internal Server Error: Trying to download an offline product
Product 93351dbb-46fe-4faf-b35d-aa7fba801ff2 is not online. Triggering retrieval from long term archive.
Trying to download an offline product
There was an error retrieving 93351dbb-46fe-4faf-b35d-aa7fba801ff2 from the LTA

Does this mean the data will be available within 24hrs since I have triggered the retrieval or does the error mean it didn’t work?

I am actually having the same error and have not been able to download data from the LTA for the past 3 days. If you got it figured out can you please share?

Thank you

I just wrote a script that requests one image every half hour based on the csv I downloaded with the uuids…so that will be running for days.

It triggers every half hour and then tomorrow I’ll download the data that is available

I have the same problem. Would it be possible for you to share your script?
I am very new to python programming.