Elevation horizontals

Anybody knows, how to build horizontals on elevation marks from the S1?

can you please explain a bit more specific what you mean? Hard to understand without any context.

I’ll try :slight_smile:
I need to estemate the elevation terrain. This can be done using a digital elevation model (the Elevation channel):

But it’s not convinient and presentable to get the elevation of each point from the tab “Pixel info” in SNAP.
Saying “horizontals on elevation” I ment smth like that:

It doesn’t matter what kind of result it would be - raster or vector.
Hope, I could explain.

as far as I know SNAP cannot produce contour lines but you could easily derive them in QGIS.

As for the DEM generation. This is a quite comlicated procedure and it requires a bit of basic theoretical knowledge:

The basic steps are coregistering, interferogram formation, unwrapping of the interferogram and phase to elevation conversion. You will find many topics on this in here:

Thank you so much!